Care3 Warranty Cover


Maintaining your operations with expert support and premium parts


Our Care3 Cover provides:

Factory Trained Service Engineers

Our Care3 Warranty cover ensures factory trained service engineers, using genuine Elmo Rietschle certified spares will maintain the high performance levels of your machines.


Maintained High Levels of Pump Performance

To maintain performance throughout the life time of the equipment it is important that genuine spare parts that were designed and produced
for the equipment are used. Only genuine parts will maintain the exact performance of the equipment and guarantee that it will continue to meet your application needs.


More Uptime

Significantly lower the risk of a production breakdown with regular predictive and preventative maintenance. 

VCS 200 VCS 300 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump from Elmo Rietschle

Features and Benefits

  • Free of charge
  • Simple to join
  • 3 years extended warranty cover
  • Protects your investment
  • Maximise uptime
  • Optimise energy efficiency

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Enjoy three years of free carefree vacuum with our three year extended warranty plan available on VC pumps, (VC 50 to VC1300) and VCS (VCS 200 to 300).

This service is free of charge and all that is required is;

  1. Have your installation approved by an authorized Elmo Rietschle representative or certified distributor.
  2. Register for the Care3 Warranty Program.
  3. Allow the authorised Elmo Rietschle service provider to deliver the recommended service schedule and validate your log book.
  4. For you to use genuine Elmo Rietschle parts and lubricants for servicing.

Products Covered By Care3