Header Packaging Industry
  • Air cushion machines
  • Blister packaging
  • Filling and closing units
  • Production of paper bags
  • Reduction of transport volume
  • Tray sealing
  • Trim removal


Air cushion machines

Film tubes are inflated with compressed air and welded together to form cushions. These cushions can be used as protective filling material.


Blister machines

Blister packaging is often vacuum generated.


Filling and closing units

Chamber machines

  • Generating a vacuum and sealing the bag
  • Feeding inert gas and then sealing the bag

Rolling machines

  • In the sealing tool the air is extracted and if necessary modified atmosphere admitted
  • Final step is sealing the recipient


For vacuum forming, an additional pump is needed at that part of the machine.


Non-food packaging

When packing products, prior to sealing a vacuum pump would be used to evacuate the air from the packaging. Correct packaging provides the best transportation protection and ensures that products such as electronic parts, pharmaceuticals, etc, can be shipped to the customer aseptically and free of dust.


Production of paper bags

The L-Series is used for folding paper bags.


Reduction of transport volume

Vacuum packaging of clothes. The brand new clothes are shrink-wrapped to be able to charge trucks and containers to maximum capacity.


Tray sealing

  • Generating a vacuum and sealing the bag or
  • Feeding inert gas and sealing the bag afterwards

Trim removal

The film strips that are cut off are sucked into a container with our radial fan range CEVF. The collected film strips can be recycled.


Further applications

  • Palletising
  • Drying
  • Holding