Vacuum Solutions for food packaging

Industry leading vacuum pumps and low pressure solutions designed for food packaging industry



Used in food packaging for more than 70 years, vacuum plays a crucial role is a variety of food packaging processes.  We pride ourselves in providing a full range of vacuum equipment for the food packaging industry; combining  efficiency and accuracy of vacuum supply for low to high volume packaging lines. When you need solutions to support your vacuum and low pressure applications, you’ll want expert partners that will give you all the benefit of their experience and knowledge.



ISO 22000. ISO and its member countries used the Quality Management System approach, and tailored it to apply to Food Safety, incorporating the widely used and proven HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Principles (addressed by Prerequisite Programs in ISO 22000).

All our products come fully certified and our experts with you to ensure you have necessary compliance for the Food & Beverage Industry



Elmo Rietschle can help identify and reduce any risks through a free site survey, which may extend to working with the production team to ensure the equipment is included in the HACCP assessment


Air quality is particularly important in a food and beverage manufacturing environment. Our vacuum experts can help you improve the quality and reliability of your vacuum supply


We pride ourselves in offering exceptional after sales care. We work with you to offer timely, predictive maintenance using high quality genuine spares to keep you up and running no matter what


Gardner Denver have the widest range of vacuum technologies available in the market, including both oil free and lubricated technology options

Oil Free
Vacuum Pumps

Go Oil Free

Choose an oil-free vacuum pump specifically developed to meet the needs of manufacturers requiring only the highest air purity standards. Oil-free vacuum pumps don’t require the same level of maintenance as oil-lubricated models, as there is no need to replace oil or filters.

This also provides the added benefit of cutting down on costs over a pump’s lifetime. Another major advantage to an oil-free vacuum pump is that it doesn’t have to be removed to carry out maintenance. This means a dramatic reduction in equipment downtime and associated costs from oil, waste oil disposal or labour.

With the focus on air quality only likely to increase as time goes on, there’s real potential for those operating in production sensitive environments to reap the rewards of oil-free vacuum pumps.



Oil Lubricated
Vacuum Pumps

High volumetric efficency at low power consumption

The Elmo Rietschle oil lubricated pumps have been the favourite choice for food packaging vacuum applications over many years now.

Listening to the voice of our customers we have redesigned this successful industry classic.



Oil Lubricated Machines

High volumetric efficiency at low power consumption

The Elmo Rietschle oil lubricated pumps havebeen the favourite choice for food packagingvacuum applications over many years now. 

Listening to the voice of our customers we haveredesigned this successful industry classic.


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