Industrial Vacuum Pumps, Blowers & Low Pressure Compressors

The widest range of industrial vacuum pumps, blowers and low pressure compressors to match your application needs

About Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum pumps, blowers, and low-pressure compressor technologies in the market. We deliver an outstanding choice of both oil-lubricated and dry-running vacuum solutions. Many industries see us as the first choice for all industrial vacuum or pressure applications because of our high-quality products and expert know-how. 

Our dedicated product engineers are focused on continually developing world-leading vacuum and low-pressure solutions. Our aim is to make your manufacturing process faster, safer, and increasingly efficient with minimal downtime. Our continual investment in product development and research ensures the products we offer are kept at the forefront of the industries we serve.

Eight technologies enable us to offer the optimum solution for your specific application requirements to meet your needs. Browse our product cards below to find the best solution for your application. 

Our Industrial Vacuum Pumps

We design and manufacture a wide range of market-leading industrial vacuum pumps for multiple types of applications across many industries. Depending on your application and specific requirements we can select the correct vacuum pump to optimize your process. We offer many types of vacuum technology including Rotary Vane, Lobe, Screw, Claw, and Liquid Ring that cover flow rates and vacuum levels for most vacuum applications across the globe. 

Industrial Vacuum Pumps For Any Application 

We offer a variety of pumps that suit harsh industrial environments to clean laboratory applications where air purity is critical. We also offer vacuum pumps with a range of certifications including ATEX, HTM, and ISO standards.