Vacuum & Low Pressure Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

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We have a long history of providing world leading vacuum solutions for medical devices. Our products are used in thousands of Hospitals and Healthcare facilities worldwide, across a variety of medical procedures.

Fully Certified Vacuum Solutions for Medical use

We have specifically designed a range vacuum solutions for the medical industry. Our solutions are fully compliant to medical industry standards and certified for use in patient applications. Our solutions have a reputation in the healthcare industry for reliability and quality. We work in partnership with the medical equipment manufacturers to design, develop and deliver the optimum vacuum solution for their machine.

Designed for the Medical Industry

We have a number of vacuum and low pressure technologies which can be applied in the medical and healthcare industries. We will help you select the right solution, without bias or limitation, ensuring you get the right equipment for your needs. We also provide many custom designed vacuum system solutions for a wide variety of healthcare industry requirements.

Worldwide Network of Local Support

Our global network of fully trained Elmo Rietschle service technicians will support your equipment throughout its lifetime. We have a direct presence in over 65 countries, helping to support our product in the field. Our aftermarket support services extend the operating life of our equipment, whilst maintaining performance accuracy and reliability.

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Bespoke systems

STANDARD & BESPOKE medical solutions

FULL COMPLIANCE with ISO and Medical CE and HTM standards

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Medical Vacuum & Low Pressure Applications

Blowers for Medical Ventilators & Respirators

We have supplied our side channel blowers for many years to some of the leading medical ventilator manufacturers. Recently ventilators have been used at the forefront of treating patients during the CoronaVirus pandemic (Covid-19).


Side channel blowers are currently used in portable or permanent respiratory devices. The advantages of the side channel blower design, in both applications, are it’s long life-time and robust design.


Medical Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems are used in hospitals and ambulant surgical centres to draw off liquids occurring during the surgeries. A separator is installed in the operating room to separate fine particles from the larger ones. If the operating room is too small, the vacuum system can alternatively also be installed remotely. Our medical vacuum packages are fully certified and can be adapted to your requirements.


Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems, commonly known as AGSS can be supplied directly from our Vacuum Systems Team. Our Duplex AGSS System offers a highly efficient and reliable package for vacuum supply. AGSS systems are used for the removal of medical gases during surgical procedures.

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Dental System

Dental Suction

Vacuum is used in dental equipment to draw off liquids such as cooling water from the drilling machine, saliva and blood. The side channel blowers used for these applications must be corrosion-proof. Our central vacuum systems are designed for use in dental clinics. They are quiet, small and efficient, with full certification for use with patients.

Air Beds

We supply a number of low pressure compressor solutions for us in Air Beds in hospitals and retirement homes. Air beds are used for bed-ridden patients at risk for bedsores (decubitus ulcer). The use of air can bring about a distinct improvement in patients. Skin can dry and heal better if an air-permeable mattress is used.

At the same time, inflating individual air chambers while deflating others varies the pressure on the skin, thus helping prevent bedsores. Through selective raising and lowering of different areas, air beds can also help position the patient for treatment and personal care. Our Side Channel Blower technology offer a cost effective, low noise solution which is easily installed in to healthcare equipment.

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chair lift


The cushion can be lifted with the help of compressed air to make it easier for older patients to stand up. Chairlifts also help the nursing staff to provide optimal treatment. Side Channel Blower technology is used in chair lifts to provide a highly reliable, compact air solutions that can be used in sensitive patient environments.

Medical Equipment Sterilisation - Autoclaves

In a steam steriliser, the wet steam condenses when coming into contact with the cooler items which are being sterilised. The heat is then released from the steam. This leads to the denaturation of the germs, the molecular structure of their protein being destroyed. Our Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps are used to remove air from the autoclaves chamber and load. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps allows the steam to penetrate further into the load, improving the sterilisation capability of the autoclave. Liquid Ring technology are extremely reliable even in humid and wet processes such as this.


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Solution Focus

Low Pressure Solutions for Medical Ventilators

We provide the healthcare industry with a number of vacuum and blower solutions that are used both as components within medical equipment and for the supply of suction from a centralized vacuum system. One such device that we have supplied for many years is our side channel blowers for movement of air in medical ventilators. Recently, ventilators have been used at the forefront of treating patients during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

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