Some technologies are so good that it is hard to improve them. The Elmo Rietschle Side channel blowers are such an example. Performing flawlessly day in and day out with virtually no downtime, the G-Series has a proven history of outstanding reliability over many decades of service.

We offer side channel blowers in a wide variety of performance ranges to cover the  most varied requirements, up to 3,000 m³/h and differential pressures of up to 1,000 mbar.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Reliable and built-to-last, virtually maintenance free
  • Robust yet light-weight
  • For use worldwide (UL/CSA/IEC/EN approval)
  • 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
  • ATEX 94/9 EG
  • Adjustable speed via external or integral converter

Air Map

Air Map G-Series Side Channel

Side Channel Blower Operating principle

How does a side channel blower work?

The G-Series impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft for contact free compression. Maximum operational reliability, even at high differential pressures, is ensured by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber.

The gas is taken in through the inlet. As it enters the side channel, the rotating impeller imparts velocity to the gas in the direction of rotation. Centrifugal force in the impeller blades accelerates the gas outward and the pressure increases.

Every rotation adds kinetic energy, resulting in further increase of pressure along the side channel. The side channel narrows at the rotor, sweeping the gas off the impeller blades and discharging it through the outlet silencer where it exits the pump.


The smallest side channel blower on the market - G-BH100

G-BH100 blowers are the smallest side channel blowers available on the market, with a height and width of approx. 125 mm and a depth of approx. 60 mm.


Classics with innovative technology - G-BH1

 With their high inlet volume flow up to 2,500 m³/h and a differential pressure of up to 780 mbar, our low noise G-BH1 side channel blowers have earned their reputation. They are reliable, low maintenance and durable. They deliver 20,000 operating hours without fail and are virtually maintenance free. IE2 G-BH1 with IE2 motors available on request.


The side channel revolution - G-BH2 VELOCIS

Volume flow up to 850 m³/h and differential pressure up to 1,100 mbar. With its significantly expanded range of performance, the side channel technology can now be used in completely new applications. IE2 The entire G-BH2 VELOCIS range features IE2 motors

Advantages at a glance
• Wear free
• Low operating and energy costs
• Extremely smooth running
• Very low noise level as a result of acoustic engineering
• Dust and fluff resistant
• Pulsation free
• 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
• Operation with frequency converter with 87 Hz
• 40,000 operating hours


Unsurpassed at highest differential pressure - G-BH7

Our G-BH7 side channel blowers can create pressure differences of up to 1,000 mbar – more than any other gas ring compressor! So far, the systems used to reach these differential pressure ranges were much louder and larger – or subject to wear.

Now the advantages of wear free operation coupled with a low noise level can also be used in the most demanding applications. The G-BH7 vacuum pumps and compressors can work up to 20,000 hours without maintenance down time. These specialist machines have proven their reliability under the harshest of conditions.


IE2 G-BH7 with IE3 motors on request

Half the size, twice the power

Side channel blower with maximum power/weight ratio and extremely flexible power control (-550 … +720 mbar)

Technical Highlights
• Lower energy consumption thanks to higher pump efficiency
• Flexible speed drive
• Noise emission reduced by half
• Pulsation free compression
• Virtually maintenance free

IE3 The entire G-BH8 range features IE3 motors


Suitable for use Worldwide

The G-Series side channel blowers the ideal solution for worldwide use; they can be used without modifications or tests in Europe, Asia and America. This includes voltage range motors for 50 and 60 Hz in protection class IP 55 (insulation class F) and are UL 1450 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 68-09 approved.

Side Channel Blower Catalogue

Elevate your capabilities with Elmo Rietschle's latest Side Channel Blower catalogue. Explore our expansive selection of high-performance solutions crafted for precision and durability.

Why Elmo Rietschle Stands Out:

  • Peak Efficiency: Experience unmatched reliability and performance with our Side Channel Blowers.
  • Adaptability: Versatile options that cater to various industrial applications.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Benefit from the forefront of blower innovation and design.


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