Gardner Denver takes care of SHJ Hospital Pipelines’ medical vacuum needs with oil-free screw technology

SHJ Hospital Pipelines (SHJ) is using Gardner Denver’s leading Elmo Rietschle oil-free, screw vacuum pumps in its piped medical gas systems, delivering efficient oil-free vacuum while significantly improving whole life costs too.


A patient in a hospital bed with respiratory aid

Customer: SHJ Hospital Pipelines

Location: Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Application: Piped medical gas systems for hospitals

Solution: Elmo Rietschle S-VSI 301 screw vacuum pump


The application
in detail

SHJ is a leading supplier of piped medical gas systems for hospitals, compliant with HTM 02-01, which incorporate vacuum technology to help draw off liquids that might occur during surgery in theatres, or from patients staying on wards.


Having worked with an extensive range of NHS trusts and healthcare organisations for the past 40 years, SHJ is responsible for designing, installing and maintaining these critical gas systems in hospitals across the UK.

To help deliver the medical gas required, Gardner Denver has supplied its S-VSI 301 screw vacuum pump to SHJ. The innovative dry-running screw vacuum technology requires less maintenance than alternative oil-lubricated competitor models, which rely on lubricating oil to operate effectively.

There is no oil at all within the screw technology’s pumping chamber and so the risk of process contamination is reduced to zero. This makes it ideally suited to the healthcare environments in which SHJ need these solutions to operate in.

Elmo Rietschle GBH100 Ventilator installation in a hospital facility

Offering suction capacities from 100 to 600 m3/h and end vacuum of 0.01 mbar (abs.), the S-VSI screw vacuum pump delivers a lower total cost of ownership throughout its lifetime, due to the vacuum pump’s contactless technology. This not only reduces potential breakdowns but minimises on-going maintenance costs too.

The vacuum pump also offers exceptionally low noise levels, courtesy of the low rotational speed of the screw technology. Quiet operation was an important consideration for SHJ too, to help ensure low noise levels for engineers and other staff.

The new S-VSI screw vacuum pumps from Gardner Denver have already been supplied to a range of hospitals with existing vacuum plant, in order to help their medical gas systems operate more efficiently. This includes Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital in London.

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Trusted and reliable

Kevin Witt, Service Manager at SHJ, explains: “The gas used in hospitals is absolutely vital. There’s typically no back-up to the vacuum pump being used in these medical gas systems, so it’s critical that we install trusted and reliable plant equipment.


Elmo Rietschle GBH100 Ventilator installation in a hospital facility

Four Surgeons Treating Patients with Respiratory Aid

Most hospitals will commonly fit oil-lubricated centrifugal vane vacuum pumps within these systems. In contrast, we are one of only a few medical gas companies in the UK that are now using screw vacuum pumps too. This is for a number of good reasons, but the key one is the improved energy efficiency that the technology offers. Driven by an inverter, these variable-speed vacuum pumps are in line with the NHS’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, offering an efficient solution that consumes less energy.


“Oil-free technology requires less servicing as well, which is another key advantage. There is only oil in the gearboxes and bearings, which means no separator elements are required. The result? Maintenance spend that is at a fraction of the cost of oil-lubricated models.

“And when it comes to dealing with Gardner Denver, we have been continually impressed with the delivery dates that have been met, the market-leading products on offer, and the aftersales support that we receive. The team continues to go above and beyond to ensure that all our needs are met, and I would not hesitate seeking out their advice, support and expertise when it comes to vacuum solutions.”


A smart investment

Rocco Fanella, Northern Europe Key Account Manager at Gardner Denver, said: “By choosing our oil-free screw vacuum pumps, SHJ can be confident that they are investing in a robust, reliable and energy efficient product.

“We initially approached SHJ some years ago, replacing a number of competitor rotary vane pumps with screw models, which were better suited to meet the needs of SHJ’s customers.

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Thanks to their oil-free operation, our latest screw pumps provide long service intervals, helping to dramatically cut down on costs, while delivering efficient vacuum that can be relied on. SHJ’s units deliver essential medical gas to hospitals across the country, and we are very happy that our screw vacuum pumps play such an important role in these systems.”

“The team continues to go above and beyond to ensure that all our needs are met, and I would not hesitate seeking out their advice, support and expertise when it comes to vacuum solutions.” 

Kevin Witt, Service Manager at SHJ