Elmo Rietschle provides New COVID 19 Hospital with vital Medical Vacuum System within 5 days

A new emergency hospital has been built in 14 days on the site of the old International Trade Fair in Milan (Fiera Milano City). The new hospital, known as Portello Hospital in Milan, covers a 25,000 m² site and is equipped with about 200 intensive care unit (ICU) beds.

Special modules, also known as containers, were set up equipped with beds for the care of the COVID-19 patients. As of March 31 2020, the first four modules, each one made up of two hospitalisation units and one ancillary services unit have been created. Further pavilions are being rapidly converted to increase number of bed even further. Portello Hospital is a fully-fledged hospital, capable of treating a wide range of health issues not just related to COVID 19 patients.

The Challenge

Sistemi Tecnologie Medicali (STM) who were supporting the conversion of the trade fair site into a fully functioning hospital, contacted Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Systems team to support with the design and manufacturer of a new package system. Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Systems team have worked in the medical industry and STM for many years. The new system would be used in the surgical theatres to provide suction during surgery. 

The project was on an extremely short deadline in order to meet the planned opening dates of the hospital when it would start accepting patients. The system would also need to be easily installed to enable quick commissioning with minimal effort and time on site.

The Solution

Elmo Reitschle were able to support optimum solution for the customer requirements due to their wide product range and expertise is the medical industry. 


Medical Vacuum System - triplex  vertical Medical System Triplex vertical side view

Elmo Rietschle recommended their VPK series Medical System as this was well known in the industry for its reliability, compact footprint and ease of installation. The system was designed to meet the exact application requirements of the hospitals surgical theatres. The VPK series uses three oil lubricated V-VC 303 vacuum pumps (VPK 303.1000-3V) installed in series on a vertical skid. A 1000 litres vertical vessel and double bacterial filters completed the solution.



The Result

The system was build and delivered within 5 days and was quickly and easily commissioned on site. 


Elmo Rietschle Medical System ready for delivery  Portello Hospital Vacuum System pick up


The hospital has been inaugurated on schedule and has now accepted and treated patients. The Lombardy Region managers were happy with the solution provided. STM were also pleased with the product, service and solution that was provided. We’re now working on further medical system requirements with STM.


Portello Hospital Medical Vacuum System Installation