Vacuum solutions for Wood Working


Vacuum Precision in Every Cut and Bond

Woodworking is a precise craft where tradition meets modern technology. Our advanced vacuum solutions enhance every step—from sawdust collection to the intricate processes of clamping, drying, and preservation—ensuring excellence in your final product.

Clamping & Holding with Confidence

Our vacuum clamping systems ensure that every piece, whether straight or uniquely contoured, is held securely for CNC routing. With our technology, unwanted movements are eliminated, allowing for precision cuts without leaving marks or damage.

Preservation for Longevity

Protection against environmental influences is crucial in woodworking. Our vacuum technology goes beyond surface treatments, ensuring that preservatives penetrate deeply into the wood's cellular structure, optimizing durability and extending the life of your products.

Efficient Wood Drying

Reduce drying times from weeks to days without compromising wood quality. Our vacuum solutions allow for drying at lower temperatures, preventing heat damage and preserving the integrity of the wood.

Vacuum Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Elmo Rietschleis synonymous with quality and precision in vacuum and pressure solutions for the woodworking industry. Why choose us? 


Decades of application expertise

  • High-quality, environmentally sustainable products
  • A global network offering on-site support
  • Comprehensive consultations from our skilled engineers
  • A broad range of vacuum technologies to fit any application

 Select Your Perfect Vacuum Solution

Choosing the right vacuum pump or compressor is vital for your woodworking projects. Our easy-to-use product selector helps you find the best fit based on your specific applications and requirements. From radial to screw, and from side channel to liquid ring, we have a solution waiting for you.


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ProcessesEnhanced byVacuum Technology

  • CNC Clamping: Secure fasteningforprecisionwork.
  • Handling & Lifting: Move piecessafelywithease.
  • Laminating& Veneering: Achieveflawlessfinishes.
  • SawdustRemoval: Maintaina clean workenvironment.
  • Drying: Expedite thedryingprocesswithcare.
  • Impregnation: Deep preservationfordurable wood.
  • Coating & Bonding: Superior finishesundervacuumconditions.


Side channel Blowers

  • Very quiet as a result ofsound engineering
  • Dustresistant
  • UL/CSA approved
  • Up to 40,000 operating hours
  • 50/60 Hz voltagerangemotors


Liquid Ring Vaccum Pumps

  • High resistance to wear
  • Increased watercarryover available
  • 50/60 Hz voltagerangemotors
  •  Can also be used as closed system or in pump setcombinations
  • Very low water consumption
  • Available with integrated cooling for working spindle (L-BL2 Compact)

Rotary Vane Vaccum Pumps

  • Small footprint
  • Dry running or Oil lubricated
  • Low noise Level
  • Long up-times
  • Can also be used in Pump Set combinations


Claw Vacuum Pumps

  • Long up-times
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Dry running and contact free operation
  • Target discharge of cooling Air
  • Process safe and resilient
  • High Efficiency

The Elmo Rietschle Promise

From radial to screw, and from side channel to liquid ring, our range of vacuum pumps and compressors are at the forefront of innovation. Partner with us for solutions that elevate your woodworking processes. Visit our application pages to discover the perfect product match for you, and contact us for a tailored vacuum solution. Take our word for it and gain peace of mind with Elmo Rietschle.

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