Printing and Paper

Due to the special properties of paper, vacuum and compressed air are essential features in paper manufacturing and processing.

  • Pre-Press
  • Press
  • Post-Press
  • Central air supply 



Vacuum is required for a variety of applications in the pre-press area, including preparing images and film for scanning or exposure and for copying printing plates. There are also many applications where over-pressure is needed as well, such as for guiding plates or film in automatic systems.


  • Scanner
  • Printing Plate Processing
  • Film Fixing
  • Plate Copy Equipment


Printing applications
In classic sheet fed offset presses, vacuum and overpressure is always needed for paper handling – at the feeder to separate the sheets, to feed the single sheets to the different colour-aggregates or to guide the sheets through the machine. All these applications need different amounts of air at different pressures.

Sheet Fed Offset Machines
Rotary Offset Machines
Screen Printing Machines
Flexo Printing Machines
Tin Printing Machines

Press components
Drying Aggregates
Powder Aggregates
Ionization Aggregates


There are a variety of applications in the post-press arena. For example, side-channel blowers for folding and cutting machines; pressure-vacuum pumps and individual vacuum pumps and compressors for collating and book-binding machines; and radial blowers for removing waste paper.

Post-Press machines
Book Binders
Cutting Machines
Envelop Sealing Machines
Folding Machines
Mail Sorting Systems

Post-Press components
Paper Stack Lifts
Loaders and Unloaders for Cutting Machines
Pallet Air Lifts
Gripper Systems
Paper Joggers


Customer-specific adaptation of air demand in the printing and paper industry is best achieved by using the modular Elmo Rietschle Air-Center. They assure a higher operating safety through extremely low noise levels and lower temperature. The air consumption can be adapted to individual print jobs, which means a considerable reduction in set-up costs and energy consumption.


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