Elmo Rietschle Vacuum System Solutions

Designed, developed and delivered by the experts in vacuum systems.


Fully compliant vacuum systems suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical industry applications. Designed, developed and delivered in house by our vacuum experts.

We offer a wide range of system solutions for a variety of vacuum requirements including food packaging, food processing, degassing, drying, medical suction and anesthetic gas removal. With our industry leading choice of own brand vacuum pump technologies we can design, develop and deliver packaged systems to meet your needs.

Why you should trust us to build your vacuum system

Our dedicated product engineers are focused on developing world leading industrial vacuum pumps and low-pressure solutions. Our goal is to make your manufacturing process faster, safer, and increasingly efficient with minimal downtime. Our global network of distributors ensure you have the support and expertise to choose the right products for your central vacuum cleaning system needs.


When looking for solutions to support your industrial vacuum cleaner and pressure applications you need expert partners you can trust. Elmo Reitschle is the vacuum company to provide you with the benefit of our experience and knowledge.

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Bespoke systems
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OVER 70 YEARS of product and application expertise.
STANDARD & CUSTOM package solutions available.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS renowned for reliability, performance and low cost of ownership.
WORLDWIDE after sales care and technical support.
Central Vacuum Systems engineered to your needs
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ENGINEERING EXPERTISE utilizing our system configurator or applications support team, we have support throughout the development process.
UNRIVALED RANGE of vacuum and low pressure technologies.